Tried to contact them per phone but no one picks up. Emailed and got 5 automated responses and 1 from a ‘customer service’ person but that’s 5 days ago and still nothing about where my parcel is. I’m pretty sure that the parcel is lost somewhere.

I am in the process of cancelling that order. Delivery date kept changing. Never had a problem like this with other delivery services.

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Here it is important for the scammers not just to tell recipients what they need to do, but to make them understand correctly what is written in the message. To avoid any misunderstanding on the part of the recipients, messages often contains detailed instructions about what to do. The scammers use deadlines like this to make recipients react immediately.

  • After this payment is made we will provide you with the tracking number and the company’s website for you to track your parcel on transit and know the current status.
  • Impressive and I couldn’t believe it, we only knew each other for 3days then eventually he will trust me immediately?
  • After contacting iparcel support they helped me out and gave me the local Greek number to call and it turns out the problem was from the Greek local courier service.
  • He wanted to buy and shopped for me. he sent me videos and pictures.

If you use an email client, the actual link can be displayed in a popup window if you hover the cursor over the link in the text. Fraudulent links can also be attached to a text phrase in the email.

I am worried that this may possibly fraudulent. Can you check for me please.

Pallet courier didn’t bother to collect & this cost me a £475 sale.

No arduous form filling or printing. Easy to track and delivered exactly on time.

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Subjects related to the delivery/shipment (shipment notifications, delivery status, shipping confirmation, shipment documents, delivery information, etc.). Well-known companies and brands are favorite targets for fraudsters.

Text-based fraud: from 419 scams to vishing

Booked for pick up next day delivery waited in all day virtually uss express reviews 7ft from door. Thanks for reaching out to us.

Hermes lost my parcel and no one to contact

I owed $22,000 in duty fees. Once paid, another email I owed $50,028 for not paying first fee within aa certain time. Now threatened with possible legal action if not paid. Met a guy on Instagram from Shanghai China but raised and born in USA, His IG name is Kendrick Yan. We chatted and end up chatting on whatsapp. Addresses which do not resemble legitimate company addresses. The sender name still reflects the company name (FedEx, DHL Service, but the domain name usually belongs to a free email service or an absolutely different company.

I have had three separate men pull the same scam on me and have turned them in. You will just lose your money.

I have no problem with that, as I understand the need for it, however I just wish the requirements were a little more clear. All in all, I am very satisfied with your guy’s service. And he said that he send it already..

But he just sent me the fake passport. So therefore, I called back to this delivery company and asked them to send back the parcel to UK.

They can simply insert the necessary domain name of the server into the From field. Booked the slot on the the Thursday.