US Mobile is what we call a mobile virtual network operator . These carriers don’t actually build and operate mobile networks. Instead, they rent bandwidth on existing networks (like T-Mobile and Verizon) to give service to their customers. Claim your profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and connect with customers. On the admin side, you have to be really comfortable wearing a lot of hats at the company, even if something doesn’t technically fall under your department. Over time I’ve grown to appreciate this – everybody has each other’s backs, and I always have a diverse array of projects on my plate so I’m never bored!

  • An excellent service and also because my order was over £29 I did not have to pay postage.
  • None of his crew speaks English so communication process was a real chore.
  • There was no platform to tell the whole country that they shouldn’t buy there.
  • For this review we began with a serious study session.
  • Based on 321,000+ authentic reviews from real customers.

That’s not a terrible price, but we’d rather see a few GB of hotspot data thrown in for free . This arrangement allows MVNOs to offer cheaper prices. The big downside is that their data speeds are usually slower than traditional carriers.

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I recommend this company, reasonable pricing as well. With US Mobile you can buy pretty much any device from a major company, including Apple, Samsung, and Google. This chart will show you the prices on some of US Mobile’s most popular devices. US Mobile customers will benefit from Verizon’s wide coverage area, especially those who live in Western states, like Arizona and Colorado.

Booking was easy and they were able to fit us in with only a few days notice. The crew that did the moving was very nice. Friendly, took care of our items, and were willing to be flexible with what we were moving and where. Stay updated on the latest products and services anytime, anywhere. Verizon has the largest 4G LTE network in the country with the best rural coverage. Meanwhile, Verizon’s data speeds aren’t quite the fastest (T-Mobile’s are) and its 5G network isn’t the biggest, but it’s not far behind. You’re getting a new cell phone plan, so why not get a new cell phone to match?

I understand deliveries can be delayed, especially depending on time of year, and covid stalls. I ordered a dishwasher and junction box the end of October.

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You can always yell at us in the comments if you didn’t. The first time we called US Mobile we got disconnected and taken straight to the company’s post-call survey, which was weird. But, the second time we called we were talking to a real, live customer support person within 34 seconds. It doesn’t matter how many lines you have on your US Mobile account, your data speeds will still be slower than they would be if you were on Verizon. This is just how it is, but you can find solace in the fact that your cell phone bill is just $25 a month instead of $70. You can add 20 GB of mobile hotspot data to your US Mobile plan, but you’ll have to pay $10 a month.

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This rating has decreased by -14% over the last 12 months. Only thing I recommend to the company is less phone calls on moving day. We are very busy and don’t have time to talk. Easton has worked as a freelance writer and researcher for several years, reviewing health, lifestyle, and technology products. He has probably read more Terms of Use contracts than any human alive. When he’s not sitting in front of a computer, Easton spends his time camping, climbing, and volunteering with humanitarian aid organizations.

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Some people still have a landline and just need a cell phone for emergencies. Some kids just need a phone to call their parents for a ride after school. For these people US Mobile has tons of very affordable options. Sent a prescription over Thursday evening and received this am Saturday.

But, there’s some important information in the fine print there, because Mint Mobile’s plan actually only comes with 35 GB of high-speed data . Plan with unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of data is one of our favorites.

Telecom We made an overview of all the telecom providers available. In addition, we created room for reviews by fellow customers who already have hands-on experiences with products or services from these p… Classic startup led by founders who have a great idea and zero business acumen. They have overcommitted the organization ten fold and there isn’t uss express employment even a shell of an operation underneath to deliver. Greed and ego have taken over rational business decisions, and there is a clear disregard (or obliviousness?) to the risks the executives have created for the company. They say they care about the mission but it’s clear their exit strategy is the priority, even at the expense of the mission.